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Inguinal Hernia


An inguinal hernia is a condition where there is an opening in the abdominal muscle that can allow fluid or abdominal contents into the groin. An indirect inguinal hernia is most often seen in children, and is a result of incomplete closure of the canal the testicles descend through in development. This is more common to occur in premature babies, males, and in children with a parent or sibling who had a hernia as an infant.  These hernias are most commonly identified when parents or primary care doctors notice fluid or swelling in the groin.  This swelling may change throughout the day, increasing when the child strains, which causes pressure in the abdomen and forces fluid or abdominal contents through this canal. If you notice this swelling in the groin and your child also displays signs of pain (intense crying, vomiting, redness or discoloration of swelling site), it is important to seek medical attention quickly.