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3D Ultrasound MRI Fusion Biopsy


Associated Urologists of North Carolina continually improves patient care with new technologies. We offer MRI fusion prostate biopsy to improve cancer detection in patients with an elevated PSA.  Compared to a traditional prostate biopsy which is performed using an ultrasound and a standard biopsy template, an MRI fusion prostate biopsy allows for better accuracy in finding prostate cancer. A multi-parametric MRI of the prostate must be ordered prior to a fusion biopsy. Multiple studies have demonstrated that an MRI provides enhanced anatomic detail of the prostate and can pinpoint suspicious area of cancer within the prostate. During a fusion prostate biopsy, a 3D reconstruction of the MRI and ultrasound images are overlayed to allow the physician to target the suspicious areas noted on the MRI.

Patients that may benefit from an MRI fusion prostate biopsy include:

  • newly diagnosed elevated PSA
  • history of an elevate PSA and negative prostate biopsy
  • diagnosis of prostate cancer choosing or currently on active surveillance