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A Urologist for Men, Women and Children

Associated Urologists of North Carolina is one of the largest practices in the state. We have offices in Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Clayton, Dunn, and Clinton and more than a dozen board-certified urologists on staff. Whether you are seeking urology care for a man, woman, or child, our practice has the expertise to diagnose and treat you.

There are many areas that urologists cover. Generally, if it is a medical issue relating to the bladder, kidney, prostate, or male sexual functioning, it will likely fall under the urology practice. For men, the most common problems for which they may see a urologist would be bladder infections, kidney stones, incontinence, infertility, erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and vasectomies. We understand that these are all very sensitive issues to men and we treat them with nothing but the discretion and professionalism they deserve.

We also cover women’s urology concerns at Associated Urologists of North Carolina. Women tend to see obstetricians and gynecologists for their reproductive health, so unlike male patients, we do not deal as much with fertility and sexual functioning with women. However, women’s issues relating to the bladder, kidneys, and the pelvis are covered by urologists just like with men. Women’s most common concerns that may lead to them seeing a urologist include bladder infections, kidney infections, and pelvic organ prolapse. Women are more likely than men to experience infections in their bladder and kidney because their urethras are shorter, creating a shorter path for bacteria to travel.  For this reason urinary tract health is an important issue for our female patients.

Children often have a need to see a urologist as well. Obviously, male children will have similar potential issues to what was described above for males, and female children for what was described for females. However, age does play a role in many medical issues, so for an obvious example, prostate exams and fertility screenings are not pursued at this age. Children usually instead are given care for issues like undescended testicles, hernias, or urinary tract infections. Even though the health concerns are different for children, these are still important reasons to see a urologist.

So, as you can see, urologists can perform important care for every person here in North Carolina. Men, women, and children all have potential medical issues that need to be treated by a urologist. Associated Urologists of North Carolina can treat concerns of this kind for anyone, including low testosterone in older men, undescended testicles in young boys, pelvic organ prolapse in older women, and urinary tract infections in girls. If you suspect you have symptoms relating to anything discussed above, like urinary tract health or men’s sexual health, and live near Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Clayton, Dunn, or Clinton, North Carolina, please give our office a call to schedule an appointment.

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