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Summer Time Urologist & Healthcare Check Up

It’s never too early to start thinking of choices you can make to support urological health. With summer upon us in central and eastern North Carolina, here are a few tips to keep yourself in top-top shape when it comes to urological issues and preventing them.

Stay Hydrated

Getting enough water isn’t just a benefit to staying cool in the summer and avoiding heat exhaustion or dehydration – not drinking enough water is the number one cause of kidney stones. If you, or anyone you know, has ever had kidney stones, you know they aren’t the kind of summer fun you’re looking for. Be sure to carry a bottle of water with you on the beach or keep a few in a cooler in the car for road trips, and consider adding a little flavor to your water by infusing it with lemon or mint if you’re looking to relax with a book in the back yard.

Fertile Foods

If you’re thinking of having a spring-time baby, consider adding fertility boosting foods to your summertime diet. If you’re vacationing on the Outer Banks, oysters are a great choice, because their high zinc levels help produce testosterone and sperm. And if seafood isn’t your thing, you can also find zinc at your neighborhood cookout in the steaks and beef patties simmering on the grill. And if you’re having a romantic evening, citrus shrimp and snap peas are other fertility boosting options.

Exercise For More Than That Beach Body

Though age is one of the main causes of most urological problems, being overweight can be a major contributor to many urological and general health issues. One of the most important aspects of exercising in the summer is finding ways to meet your performance needs without risking overdoing it in the heat or pressing the limits of your body. If you struggle with back pain, for instance, instead of pounding the pavement for a jog in the heat, consider swimming laps at a neighborhood pool.

Taking your kids on a family walk or to the park is a great way to get everyone active, but keep in mind that heat can affect children more so than adults. Try having outdoor family activities in the morning or evening, or find well-shaded areas and bring plenty of water.

If all of these summer plans have you thinking about your urological health, or if you’ve noticed some symptoms that you would like checked out, AUNC has 15 board-certified specialists ready to meet with you. You can find our offices in Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Clayton, Clinton, Dunn, and Wake Forest. To find the phone number for the office closest to you, check our contact page on our website.

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